Step Up Step Down Services

As part of the continuum of care for young people with mental health issues in Queensland, youth Step Up Step Down (SUSD) services are being put in place in Cairns, Caboolture and Logan.

The SUSD services offer intensive, short-term support for young people to ‘step up’ (i.e. move to a more in-depth form of treatment) from the community as well as enabling timely discharge for young people to ‘step down’ (to a less intensive form of treatment) . The aim is to reduce the likelihood of admission to hospital care for those whose needs aren’t being met treatment in their local community and to provide a graduated transition from those discharged from hospital care to home/community (often facilitating an earlier release from hospital into an environment where the focus is not simply on clinically stabilising a crisis).

SUSD programs are 6-bed services delivering clinical and non-clinical support services to young people with severe and complex mental health issues in a community rehabilitative and residential setting. They do so via a partnership between the Health Department and a selected NGO which provides care and recovery planning with the young person and their family, carer and significant others.

The Cairns SUSD service began operation in mid-2019 and the Logan and Caboolture programs are due to become available to young people and their families during 2020 with builds and set-up taking place in 2019 and early the following year.

The Model of Service for the SUSD services can be accessed by clicking on this link.