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The majority of the work done to create and continue to develop the required services for young people with severe and complex mental health issues in Queensland falls under the auspices of the Queensland Health Department, predominantly under the banner of the Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS), a division of the Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health service (CHQ HHS). As noted online, CYMHS sees:

children and young people up to 18 years of age who are struggling with anxiety, depression, their attachment-relationships, eating disorders, school refusal, psychosis, suicidal and/or self-harming behaviours and/or trauma. The children and young people that we see have been impacted in their development, close relationships, activities, education or work. There are a number of CYMHS teams across the Greater Brisbane and Pine Rivers regions. These multidisciplinary teams may include allied health professionals (e.g. psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and speech pathologists), nursing, medical, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers and administrative staff.

Services include Hospital based treatment; Day programs; Telepsychiatry;
Youth residential rehabilitation units and other specialty services like Assertive Mobile Youth Outreach Service (AMYOS) and Eating disorders clinics.

Following the handing down of recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry into the closure of the Barrett Centre, the Department established a Child and Youth Mental Health group within the Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch (MHAODB) – something which had not existed previously. Information on their work is available here:


For documentation of the actions taken and underway, the News page relating to youth services within the MHAODB has links to:

  • Oversight Committee Communiques (2017–20)
  • Commissioning of Jacaranda Place – the Queensland Adolescent Extended Treatment Centre (2018–20)
  • COI Implementation Steering Committee Communiques (2016–17)
  • News and updates

Services for Young People with Severe and Complex Mental Health Issues provide by the Queensland Government 

Adolescent Extended Treatment Centre (AETC) – Jacaranda Place

As a result of the recommendations from the BAC Commission of Inquiry, the Queensland government collaborated with consumers and carers to design a new adolescent extended treatment centre which opened in 2020. ((A post published at the time the centre was named which includes photographs can be viewed by clicking here.))

Jacaranda Place is a 12 bed residential service (and a 10-place Day Program) for young people across Queensland who have severe and complex mental health issues. Referrals from the Child and Youth Mental Health Service in Queensland or a private psychiatrist are accepted for young people aged 13 to 18 (with consideration of up to 21 years) who are currently accessing help.

As per the Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) – the HHS section responsible for the centre – section of Queensland government website (where more detailed information is available) the young person will:

  1. be experiencing serious and complex mental health needs
  2. have not responded to their current mental health care, education and social supports, or less restrictive treatment options.
  3. be willing to consider engaging with a recovery model of care.
  4. benefit (in the judgement of a referral) from subacute extended inpatient treatment for up to six months depending on clinical need

The Model of Service for the AETC/Jacaranda Place is available (as as pdf) here and
a visual Model of Service can be accessed here.

As the AETC includes an Education program onsite, the services at the centre fall under the responsibility of the Queensland Education Department as well as the Health Department. More information from Education Queensland on their Jacaranda Place program can be found here.


Day Programs (Adolescent Day Treatment/ADT services)

Day Programs  are being put in place in Logan and on the Gold Coast as well as at the Adolescent Extended Treatment Centre (AETC) at Chermside.

The Model of Service for these Adolescent Day Treatment services can be found by clicking on this link.  

 The Gold Coast Day Treatment Service (overseen by the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service) is scheduled to begin admitting young people for Term 2 of 2020 and the Logan ADT (overseen by the Brisbane/Metro South HHS) should be completed by the end of 2020.

Information – including progress and availability – on the Day Programs offered in Queensland by the state health department can be accessed here.



Another integrated education and mental health treatment service, Queensland first youth-focussed SUSD began operation in Cairns in mid-2019. New youth SUSD programs in Caboolture and Logan are 6-bed services functioning under a partnership between the Health Department and an NGO and are due to become available to young people and their families during 2020 after builds and set-up in 2019/20.

The Model of Service for the new SUSD services can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Information regarding progress and availability can be accessed via the Queensland government website at this page.