Government (QLD HEALTH DEPT)

The majority of the work done to create and continue to develop the required services for young people with severe and complex mental health issues in Queensland falls under the auspices of the Queensland Health Department, predominantly under the banner of the Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS), a division of the Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health service (CHQ HHS). As noted online, CYMHS sees:

children and young people up to 18 years of age who are struggling with anxiety, depression, their attachment-relationships, eating disorders, school refusal, psychosis, suicidal and/or self-harming behaviours and/or trauma. The children and young people that we see have been impacted in their development, close relationships, activities, education or work. There are a number of CYMHS teams across the Greater Brisbane and Pine Rivers regions. These multidisciplinary teams may include allied health professionals (e.g. psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and speech pathologists), nursing, medical, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers and administrative staff.

Services include Hospital based treatment; Day programs; Telepsychiatry;
Youth residential rehabilitation units and other specialty services like Assertive Mobile Youth Outreach Service (AMYOS) and Eating disorders clinics.

Since action has been taken on the Recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry into the closure of the Barrett Centre, the Department has established a Youth Mental Health group set up within the Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch (MHAODB).

Information on their work is available here:
and includes issues such as:


A Youth Mental Health Program Oversight Committee (Oversight Committee) has been established. Chaired by the Deputy Director-General of the Clinical Excellence Division, it comprises senior executives in the Department of Health, Chief Executives of relevant Hospital and Health Services (HHSs), Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC), Department of Education (DoE), Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women (DCSYW), Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors (DCDSS), a Primary Health Network (PHN) representative, and two consumers and two carers.

The Oversight Committee will oversee the ongoing work on the Youth Mental Health program associated with the outcomes from implementing the Government response to Commission of Inquiry on Recommendations 3, 4, 5 and 6 which relate directly to the child and youth mental health services system. This program includes two streams – capital and reform.

The REFORM stream of the Youth Mental Health Program has a Framework for Youth Mental Health Reform identifying five key areas of work:

  1. Strengthening child and youth mental health policy and planning in Queensland
  2. Transitions – child and youth mental health services to adult mental health services
  3. Adolescent Extended Treatment Services Enhancement which includes the capital stream of work
  4. Evaluation, Research, clinical quality and safety
  5. Dual Disability (intellectual disability and mental illness).

Work continuing on Recommendation 1 will be managed under the governance of Queensland Health’s System Leadership Team as it has implications across the Department of Health and HHSs and for work continuing on Recommendation 2, governance arrangements are being established and will draw in expertise from the Department of Health, other Government Departments and peak bodies.

The Oversight Committee continues to meet to progress the range of initiatives underway and Communiqués are released after each meeting i.e.

October 2017 Oversight Committee Communiqué #1

February 2018 Oversight Committee Communiqué #2

May 2018 Oversight Committee Communiqué #3

August 2018 Oversight Committee Communiqué

November 2018 Oversight Committee Communiqué

April 2019 Oversight Committee Communiqué

August 2019 Oversight Committee Communiqué


For more Communiqués and updated information released by the Queensland Health Department’s Youth Mental Health group, you can go to their News page here and for greater detail on the response to the six individual Recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry, go to their Government Response page here.