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As we focus on ensuring the best services possible for those suffering due to severe and complex youth mental health issues, input from those with an interest in or understanding of this issue will be invaluable.

When there are ways that you can do something …
  • spread the word on social media
  • send an email
  • or even participate directly in service development
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As indicated on the Queensland Health website, the government’s commitment of more than $68M for capital works to rebuild and expand mental healthcare services for young people includes:

  • the delivery of a new Adolescent Extended Treatment Facility at The Prince Charles Hospital (Recommendation #4);
  • two new Step Up Step Down Units in north Brisbane and south Brisbane; and
  • the refurbishment for two new adolescent day program spaces at Logan and the Gold Coast.

So as planning continues for the Adolescent Extended Treatment Facility (AETF), the co-design approach continues for the planning of the :


Health Consumers Queensland continues their involvement as things proceed in order to facilitate the engagement of consumers and carers that will ensure that future services meet the needs of those who will be accessing them.
Leonie Sanderson continues to be the dedicated Engagement Advisor and is supporting those consumers and carers currently participating in the infrastructure co-design for these services. If you are not currently actively involved but wish to contribute some insights or information, please contact Leonie on 0437 637 033 or by clicking on her name to send an email.

A role exists for a

Consumer Representative for the Youth Mental Health – Capital Program

The successful applicant will join another consumer representative and a carer representative on the Project Implementation Group which oversees the capital program – ensuring that projects are managed and advice/direction is provided to support the timely and successful delivery of the mental health facilities.

Consumer and carer reps are extremely well-supported and receive payment for their time and input (as well as reimbursement for travel expenses within the Brisbane area).

For more details go to our 30/01/19 post here and or directly the Health Consumers Qld Consumer Opportunities page here. Official closing date for Expressions of Interest is Friday 15 February 2019. However, if you are interested in applying but are unable to submit by this date, please constant HCQ Engagement Advisor, Leonie Sanderson on 0437 637 033 or


As part of the Queensland Department of Education’s commitment to developing and implementing a statewide continuum of educational delivery to support all young people recovering from chronic health or complex mental health conditions, workshops and forums are being held to ensure community participation plays a role in the development of the services that are needed.

As “EDUCATION” encapsulates many things in relation to young people with severe and complex mental health issues – learning lifeskills, having opportunities to develop socially and emotionally as well as cognitively, being in environments where they achieve success and have contact with others dealing with similar issues, etc. – this is a vital area of service provision without which many treatment strategies have significantly less chance of achieving progress. Again, please contact Leonie Sanderson on 0437 637 033 or via email (by clicking on her name) if you wish to find out more about how you can contribute.


With much work still to be done to ensure that young people have access to the full system of services and support they need, there will be ongoing opportunities for you to GET INVOLVED!

To keep up to date on what you can do,

you can go to Health Consumers Queensland’s dedicated webpage (just click on the logo below) …hcqbarrettpage

where developments will be outlined. AND if you  go to the base of the page, you can input your email address to ‘stay up to date with Health Consumers Queensland’s work on the Barrett Inquiry‘?


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These will outline the progress of improved services and approaches for the severe and complex adolescent cohort as well as OPPORTUNITIES FOR CONSUMERS & CARERS to be key contributors to ensure that the needed treatment options, strategies and service cohesion become readily available ASAP. (Links in the posts will make accessing information and the required procedures for involvement in forums/workshops etc. as easy as possible.) When appropriate, posts may also include some information on ways that anyone can have input into mental health services in ways that will create a more supportive environment in the future for carers and consumers in this area.