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As we focus on ensuring the best services possible for those suffering due to severe and complex youth mental health issues, input from those with an interest in or understanding of this issue will be invaluable.

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TRANSITIONS (from adolescent to adult services)

Recommendation 5 from the BACCOI was to  ‘Improve transitions for adolescents moving into adult mental health services‘. To that end, Queensland Health assembled a working group – included consumer/carer reps – to outline the terms of reference for the engagement of an organisation to undertake an independent review of the current situation as regards the alignment and transition arrangements between Queensland’s adolescent and adult services. As a result, Health Outcomes International (HOI) and Synergy Nursing and Midwifery Research Institute are undertook a range of consultations – from focus groups and discussions with key stakeholders (including a special ‘youth only’ forum to an online survey (which is now closed).

HOI states clearly that the information collected by the survey is for statistical purposes only and won’t be used to identify survey respondents, mental health service users or their families/carers. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Andrew McAlindon, Senior Manager at HOI (

The 13 May post at this website gives some more information but for any query on the government’s response to the Inquiry recommendations and to find out if you can still contribute to the Recommendation 5/Transitions activities, you can contact Leonie Sanderson, Health Consumers Qld’s Engagement Advisor, or send their comments via email to HOI’s Samantha Battams  with the assurance that their comments will be included without any identifying information included.



The statewide forums have now concluded and reports and information gathered from these will be provided to the Steering Committee and/or made publicly available where appropriate.



Health Consumers Queensland (HCQ)  survey on education for those affected by severe and complex adolescent mental health issues continues to be active so if you have not yet had the chance to give input, please do so as soon as possible.

Engagement with Education Queensland will continue to be not just a significant element of the Model of Service for the new facility but a key component of the recovery of all young people dealing with mental ill-health.  Click HERE to complete and submit your insights on education and its role within service provision for this vulnerable group.


Other Information and Involvement Options


With Queensland Health responding to the recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry, Health Consumers Queensland are facilitating input from anyone in the community who would like to contribute to the planning of new services, the improvement of clinical interventions and transitions or any aspect of youth mental health services in Queensland. (More on HCQ’s involvement here.)

To go to HCQ’s dedicated page on the engagement, click here


and complete the mini-form at the base of the webpage to get regular updates from Leonie Sanderson, HCQ’s Barrett Engagement Advisor.

HCQ’s page will continue to list methods for you to keep up-to-date on the progress of planning as well as ways you can be involved – from one-off anonymous comments to more active and ongoing participation. 



To help educate service providers as to what “severe and complex adolescent mental health issues” actually means, you can anonymously contribute to the ‘SNAPSHOTS’ that will be used by HCQ and consumer/carer reps/advocates in presentations to ensure better services.

Click on the links below to use the HCQ framework to provide your insights…

Snapshot for consumers/young people


Snapshot for family/carers

and/or provide a brief history with this story template.

If those providing the services have a greater understanding of what people affected have been dealing with, better services will be made available.

Your input is incredibly valuable.





Contact the Queensland State Coroner at or write to Qld State Coroner, Dept of Justice & Attorney-General, Level 1, Brisbane Magistrates Court, 363 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 to provide any information that may be helpful in the examination of the causes of the tragic deaths of former Barrett Centre patients.

Queensland’s Attorney General has confirmed that a collective inquest WILL take place into the deaths of Talieha Nebauer, Will Fowell and Caitlin Wilkinson Whiticker. A date has yet to be confirmed.