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As we focus on ensuring the best services possible for those suffering due to severe and complex youth mental health issues, input from those with an interest in or understanding of this issue will be invaluable.

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As indicated on the Developments page, the initial stages of the response to the recommendations from the BACCOI wrapped up in August 2017. But, as also noted, many of the reports are the foundation for future action following mapping activities, research, focus groups, forums and other forms of consultation. So in order for practical progress to be made in ways that will directly impact young people and their families and communities, there needs to be an ongoing commitment from government to continue the process by ensuring that the creation of services, approaches and strategies that have been indicated as important become a reality across Queensland.’

Health Consumers Queensland has been asked to continue their involvement as there must be ongoing engagement with consumers and carers in order to put the findings of the response into practice.
The dedicated Engagement Advisor on this issue on a ongoing basis will continue to be Leonie Sanderson.

As indicated on the Queensland Health website, the government’s commitment of more than $68M for capital works to rebuild and expand mental healthcare services for young people will include:

  • the delivery of a new Adolescent Extended Treatment Facility at The Prince Charles Hospital (Recommendation #4);
  • two new Step Up Step Down Units in north Brisbane and south Brisbane; and
  • the refurbishment for two new adolescent day program spaces at Logan and the Gold Coast.

The Department of Health and the Department of Education and Training (DET) are continuing to work in  collaboration to deliver on this commitment.

The co-design process for the model of service, concept design of the facility, staffing profiles, integrated educational/vocational services and funding requirements will continue through to the next phase of development.

There will be further opportunities for consumers, carers, families, and other young people, and infrastructure, education and clinical representatives to continue to be involved in this process.

So, with much work still to be done in relation to all the recommendations, there will be ongoing opportunities for you to GET INVOLVED!

To keep up to date on what you can do,

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Contact the Queensland State Coroner at or write to Qld State Coroner, Dept of Justice & Attorney-General, Level 1, Brisbane Magistrates Court, 363 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 to provide any information that may be helpful in the examination of the causes of the tragic deaths of former Barrett Centre patients.

Queensland’s Attorney General has confirmed that a collective inquest WILL take place into the deaths of Talieha Nebauer, Will Fowell and Caitlin Wilkinson Whiticker. A date has yet to be confirmed.